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Adult Tennis Holidays

If you are looking to get away and work on your own tennis game this year, either with friends or on your own, then why not try one of our adult tennis holidays. Choose from a range of packages based on your own choice of how long you want to play for and how long you can stay. We have short packages such as our adult tennis weekends, hosted packages with a dedicated coach to organise your whole trip or intensive coaching weeks with over 20 hours of on court coaching available.  Whatever package you choose, we can provide you with a truly memorable 5* experience with our unique combination of Annabel Croft Tennis coaching and some of Europe's finest resorts.


For further information on adult tennis packages for 2018 including details about your accommodation, hosts and itineraries, please click on the packages tab below.

Adult Tennis Holiday Dates 2018 (3 Nights)

  • February 22nd-25th
  • May 3rd-6th
  • September 13th-16th
  • October 11th-14th
  • November 8th -11th


Key Information

Adult Tennis Weekend Retreats (3 Nights / Thursday-Sunday)

Our adult weekend tennis package features a mix of both on court and off court activities that are designed to maximise a 3 night stay with access to your choice of Annabel Croft Tennis Academy.

The package is focused on 10 hours of coaching time on court at the academy. During this time, our head coach will cover all aspects of the game from technical development to tactical awareness in both singles and doubles. In addition to the tennis, your dedicated host will be able to help you socialise with your fellow players with a welcome dinner, additional social time on court and opportunities to visit local attractions.

This package is recommended at Pine Cliffs in Portugal and Abama, Tenerife with set dates for each location (see our holiday diary). However, this package can be arranged on a bespoke basis if you have a group of players or are looking to just drop in to one of our academies during our busier times of the year.

What's included in the package?

  • 3 Nights B&B Accommodation at your chosen resort
  • 10 hours on court coaching and supervised play with an academy resident professional
  • Additional complimentary court hire
  • Social evening arrangements

What' not included in the package?

  • Flights and Resort transfers
  • Lunch and Evening Meals
  • Any off site trips and transfers

Dates (2018):

Pine Cliffs:      May 3rd-6th / September 13th-16th / October 11th-14th

Abama:          February 22rd-25th / November 8th-11th


Packages start from £590.00 per person (excluding flights and transfers)




Adult Tennis Weeks (6 Nights / Sunday-Saturday)

If you are looking for a more intensive tennis experience, why not try one of our adult tennis weeks which features over 20 hours of tennis coaching in one week. We offer 2 fixed dates for these trips in 2018 at our academies in Portugal and Tenerife. By spending the extra time on court with our dedicated coaching team, players can revitalise their game, reach new goals with their technique or simply indulge in their passion for the game.

Each adult tennis week features a dedicated host from the UK who will be on hand to plan both your on and off court activities as well as join the resident coaching team in resort. The week also features chances to get outside of the resort and explore the local areas with trips to historic sites, beaches and landmarks all a possibility.

What's included in the package?

  • 6 Nights B&B Accommodation at your choice of our resorts
  • 20 hours on court coaching and supervised play with an academy resident professional
  • Champions tournament and prize giving
  • Complimentary court hire each day of your stay

What' not included in the package?

  • Flights and Resort transfers
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Any excursions booked as part of the trip

Dates (2018):

Pine Cliffs:           May 20th-26th 2018



Packages start from £600.00 per person (excluding flights and transfers)


Adult Tennis Weekend (Sample Programme Details)

Thursday: 6pm-7pm – Tennis Welcome and Assessment / Goal Setting with Coaching Team

“For all ACTA coaching courses, players are invited to attend an initial tennis welcome session for 1 hour with the teaching professionals. This session gives players the chance to hit a few balls and have their game assessed, meet other players looking to participate in the programme for the week, seek equipment advice or simply get to know the set up at the academy. This session also gives players participating in the course a chance to enter into some goal setting for the days ahead.”

Friday: 9am-11am – Coaching Clinic 1: Getting the basics right

“The first coaching clinic of the weekend focuses on getting the key footwork and ball positions correct to maximize success on the tennis court. Players will be encouraged to work on their movement patterns by playing balls in a range of different positions via a series of specific ACTA drills. Players are taught the importance of the split step and how to time their preparation correctly as well as learning to find a good contact point for each shot depending on the stroke they are playing. The session also covers some basic swing tips on the groundstrokes and volleys and introduces the 3 basic court zones – back court, mid court and front court zones – crucial areas to practice from in order to develop a well-balanced game. The session is completed with essential work on the serve which is a feature of every coaching clinic at ACTA”

Friday: 4pm-6pm – Coaching Clinic 2: Developing a Tactical Game

“The afternoon session on the first day features a chance to start to learn the basic strategies and tactics associated with the game of tennis. Depending on the standard of the players in the group, tactics can range from keeping the ball in play and gaining consistency in your strokes, to building rallies and learning how to finish points of correctly. Tuition is given for both singles and doubles where applicable and the sessions is always finished with point play and some favorite ACTA challenges”

Saturday: 9am-11am – Coaching Clinic 3: Footwork Progressions and Technical Development

“The first session on Saturday carries on from the on court work on Friday morning with a series of key ACTA drills designed to progress a players footwork and positioning to the ball. Players are encouraged to push their boundaries to cover more of the court and learn how professional players read the game and react quickly to different situations. This session also focuses players on key swing shapes and racket work. Players are challenged to understand their pros and cons of their current grip positions and how to create better swing shapes when playing each shot.”

Saturday: 4pm-6pm – Becoming a Stronger Competitor

“Although there is a tournament at the academy every Friday evening, all participants on the weekend tennis retreat are encouraged to play a round robin tournament or match play situation against another guest or client on Saturday afternoon. This is an opportunity for your coach to assess your game in a live tennis game and give you feedback on where you are making mistakes or how to maximize your strengths when playing. Just like the Davis Cup, this session is a unique opportunity to have a coach helping you through a game and giving you the confidence to play better tennis as a result.”

Sunday: 9am-11am – Specialty Shots and Summaries

“Sunday’s session is designed to be a chance for players to practice some shots that are more specialist areas of the game such as drop shots and smashes as well as ask questions about some previous areas of the weekend’s play. This session will also allow your coach to go over any areas that may be necessary to reinforce good habits when leaving the academy. Players are also encouraged to work on an exit strategy from the coaching programme – mostly a discussion on not waiting too long before picking up a racket again! The coaching and weekend is concluded with a summary from the coaching team and a chance to exchange emails so that ACTA can stay in touch with your progress and hopefully see you back on court again very soon!”


Adult Tennis Week (Sample Programme Details)

Our intensive tennis week follows the same lines as the coaching weekend but of course you are on court far more often. The programme features all of the same coaching clinics as our coaching weekend but there are other elements that are included as follows:

Serving Masterclass and Video Analysis

"Arguably the most important shot in your game, the serve can be both a help or a hinderence for players. By spending time on court for our specific serving masterclass players can come to terms with their service action and decide what path to take to progress the shot. Video analysis is heavily used to make sure players can see where changes need to be made."

Maximise Your Doubles

"UK players tend to play doubles predominantly and we have dedicated one of our session solely to this format of the game. Learn about court positions, tactics and communication skills to help you become master of club night or move up to the next level of your club team."

Champions Tournament

"End your week in style as our reigning tennis champion and take home the trophy to show your family how much you have improved in just one week! The tournament is great fun and good way to test out your new skills and see how far you have come in just one week."

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