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Annabel's TOP 5 Tennis Holiday Coaching Tips


1. Set yourself some goals for the week ahead

Decide what you are looking to get out of your coaching and your time on the courts and discuss this with your coach before starting your first session. Assessments are widely available and a really useful way of making sure you maximise your time on court.


2. Work on things that are sustainable

Try and remember things from your coach which you can take home and practice. This is often just a good match play tip or a slight change to your stance, but make sure you can put whatever you practice into use when you get back home.


3. Don't get too technical on holiday!

Major technical changes to your game such as grip changes on serve or backhand take a lot longer to master than a week and need regular time invested to them to work. These areas are best worked on in a one 2 one situation, so if you know that you want to change something make sure you book into private lessons as well as any group coaching. Its really disheartening to leave your holiday more confused than when you arrived!


4. Participate in the whole programme

Players often are scared the tournaments or club nights that are run by professionals on holiday but they are always great fun and run in a very relaxed manner. They will give you the confidence to play more at your club when you get home.


5. Don't be scared off by the number of hours on court in the hot weather

Most players only play around 2 hours of tennis each week so a 10-20 hour tennis coaching schedule can be quite daunting. Yes, the first day will be tough but players are always surprised at how quickly they adapt to the weather and the extra hours on court and they often come back for more.

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